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User Guide

This section provides a detailed guide on how to use Code Autopilot for various tasks.

Proposing a Coding Solution

  1. Create a New Issue: In your GitHub repository, create a new issue describing the task for which you need a coding solution.
  2. Review Suggestions: @autopilot will automatically process the task description, and propose a coding solution.

Bug Fixing

  1. Create a Bug Ticket: Create a ticket describing the bug you wish to fix.
  2. Review Suggestions: @autopilot will automatically review the suggested bug, and propose the code to implement the fix.

Reviewing PRs

  1. Open a Pull Request: Open a pull request (PR) in your GitHub repository.
  2. Invoke Autopilot: @autopilot will automatically comment on the PR with the intent of the author and additional improvements, if any.

These guidelines will help you utilize Code Autopilot effectively for proposing coding solutions, fixing bugs, and reviewing PRs.