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Overview of Code Autopilot

Code Autopilot is an advanced tool designed to assist software developers in automating tasks, bug fixing, and code reviewing. By leveraging state-of-the-art Language Models (SOTA LLMs), Code Autopilot simplifies and expedites the software development process, making it an indispensable asset for modern development teams.

Core Features

  • Proposing Coding Solutions: Given a task description, Autopilot proposes a coding solution to implement the required functionality.
  • Bug Fixing: Upon receiving a bug ticket, Autopilot suggests a fix to resolve the identified issue.
  • Reviewing PRs: Autopilot aids in reviewing pull requests by commenting on the PR, explaining the intent of the author, and offering suggestions for improvement.
  • Explain how a codebase works
  • Chat in the comments to refine the solution or get more information
  • Create tests (Coming soon)
  • Help build tasks that are comprehensive and refined (Coming soon)
  • Rewrite commits and pull request descriptions (Coming soon)
  • Create release notes (Coming soon)
  • Create documentation (Coming soon)

To make the most of Code Autopilot, ensure your task descriptions are clear and detailed. Mention @autopilot in your issue descriptions to invoke Autopilot on a particular task.